Bringing the Best of Quebec to Ontario

Client Objective - To WOW the guests at the Royal Gala Banquet,  part of a three-themed event within a much celebrated  annual conference.  The performers  had to be highly entertaining and meet the standards of excellence the corporate sponsor would be proud to put its name on.

Corporate entertainment Idea - A sizzling 12- piece show band with 7 front vocalists  reinvents  the 70’s Disco Era as part of their high energy show.  Non- stop musical tributes featuring  dazzling choreography,  quick costume changes and spot- on vocals thrill the audience.

Showbands  are a value- added extravaganza.  You can get up and dance, or just sit back and enjoy the show. Or Both. Perfect for an evening where the corporate  agenda leaves little time for after- dinner festivities.  One 90-minute spectacle or two 45’s.