Boomers to Gen X, Everyone Enjoys a Big Band Orchestra

Client Objective - Luminato, Toronto's Festival of Arts and Creativity, is an annual ten-day celebration of the arts, launched in 2007.

Corporate Entertainment Idea - We met the entertainment needs of Luminato in 2008/2009.  Acts included  a 10- piece Disco Showband,   Swing Orchestra,  as well as authentic Cuban and  Argentinean ensembles.  Each Band performed for a particularly themed night on the big stage.  All musical acts were featured along with dance troupes , who excited the crowd of over 1,000 people at Dundas Square and taught the audience the Hustle, the Salsa, the Lindy Hop  and the Tango.

The picture below highlights Big Band Night.   Where our orchestra Recreated the sights and sound of the 1930’s/40’s  swing era. Big Bands appeal to multiple generations. Everyone from the Boomers to Gen X  want to learn swing dancing like their grandparents who fondly remember ‘ shaking a leg ‘ at Toronto’s famous Palais Royale.