Association 3 Day Convention

We’re pleased as punch having completed another very successful 3 day convention up in Muskoka. It marks the 22nd occasion CPE has programmed the event AND the entertainment.

Note to young event planners: There is no such thing as “over prepared” and even then you must be able to problem solve on the spot!

3 different crews working together: a sound and light crew, decor crew, and CPE stage/event management and logistics, making sure everyone is in the right place, at the right time, with a big meal in their belly!

The convention featured a 3 hour boat cruise on the Wenonah Steamship. The theme was “Ceilidh on the Lake” and guests were outfitted with Irish fun hats and necklaces to join in on the theme. Our strolling acoustic Celtic duo, offered up the mandolin, medieval bagpipes, lute, flute, accordion, and guitar as who can forget the kiddlings also enjoying face painting and balloon twisting.

The second day is always Fun Day/Night. With our theme this year “As Seen on TV” . “Dora the Eggsplorer” breakfast, “Big Bang Theory” Lunch. The highlight of this day ?

FUN NIGHT. The JW Marriott ballroom was transformed into a colourful, exciting TV- themed -party -room where all guests arrived in costumes! Attention to every screen image, depicting fav’s from 70 years of T.V., a kids craft programme ( designing and creating their own T.V. trays, and actual t.v’ frames) , a pop in my Lucille Ball and her pal Marilyn. Our after- dinner band, rocked it out with their own special sauce: bringing up guests to sing along with them. Everyone was over the top engaged for hours of singing and dancing. ! Highly Interactive.

It’s now day 3, where we featured a custom created “Trekkie Breakkie” , accompanied by live music as we always do for our breakfasts. And after a great keynote, we followed with the “Loonie Tunes Lunch”. It was a perfect summer day, a perfect summer sound, a perfectly fitted and highly unique Reggae trio. Their stunning harmonies, providing us a very groovy vibe for our mango and jerk chicken B.B.Q. (check out our Facebook for a video!)

Of course, the finale, our wrap up —the “Cadillac Club” Gala. Classically powerful decor, everyone now donning their tux and finest cocktails dresses and listening to the sweet sounds of MoTown. Even our kids get their own evening programme. This is one hell-of-a event. Bet you wish you were there :- )

Check out some photos below!







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